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Dedicated to all her fans and everyone who loves her!

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This is a fan page produced in honor of Taylor Swift for the benefit and enjoyment of all her fans and everyone who loves Taylor and her music and videos.

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We recognize the rights of artists and their agents to produce original work and profit from their work. We also recognize the right of fans to fall in love with artists they admire and to express their love through their own creative muse and reflections. As we live in a modern age of idolitry and idol worship which exploits young people, we believe that fans also have a right to profit from their worship; after all, without the support of their fans, artists would be forever struggling and seeking that fame, fortune and glory their fans bring. Hence we hope everyone will embrace our efforts to share in the success of those we idolize, that instead of exploiting fans, artists may be grateful for their fan's patronage and pay it forward through giving back to their fans and those good and chratible causes which benefit all Americans.

Swift Sailing Among The Stars
By Tal Lynch

You sing "Never ever, ever,"
That I am, "Invisible," to your heart,
But there are, "Tear drops on your guitar,"
And, "You belong with me,"
In paradise forever and ever.
So thus I sing in reply,
That I will love you until the day I die!
No heart bleeding more true!
No dreams more deep!
Me inside you loving every
Red hot, passionate, kiss,
Turning our minds to white light
In the ecstasy of our embrace.
Swiftly soaring unto delight,
None may ever, ever love as deep!
The heat melting our hearts
All through the summer night
As fireflies dance and fairies sing,
Melodies and memories oh so you bring.
None will ever, ever love you as I,
Nor such tears ever, ever cry!
That now without you I'm lost
Forever, ever, ever!
Sing about that my love
As swift I sail among the stars.

~ Original song © 2012 by Tal Lynch. All rights are reserved.
This song was inspired by Taylor Swift.
Anyone who wishes to sing and/or record this song
or make music videos may do so only after PRIOR written agreement
is obtained and royalties paid to the song writer.

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